What we do

We provide coaching and mentoring with the hopes of inspiring and motivating through:

One-on-one appointments as well as through Consultation.

Inspirational speaking to organizations, ministries, and individuals with the goal of souls searching, empowering, inspiring, and motivating people to full acceptance of themselves is the focus.

Teaching others to love and to embrace themselves building self-efficacy fully is central.

Actual Story:
Patricia Jeffery was a student at an online university who did not pass Student Teaching the first time. Student Teaching is an internship students complete after all courses are passed. After working with Doc Monika Nathan as her Mentor and Coach she began to regain confidence in herself and was given another opportunity to again complete her Student Teaching. Patty began to believe in herself and now Patricia is a graduate and a certified Licensed Educator. Building up, empowering, and inspiring people is what we do.
Story approved by Patricia Jeffery